Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) is comprised of families from around the world striving to establish a world of peace and unity among all peoples, races, and religions, to embody the ideal of true love as taught in the Divine Principle, the core teachings of the Unification Movement.
By working together with affiliate organizations, partners in the professional world, and inter-religious organizations, we seek to collaborate and find practical ways to improve humanity’s relationship with the environment, each other, and improve our understanding of the cosmos, ultimately bringing about a world of peace and prosperity. Sharing the love of God with intentional acts of goodness, we can expand the culture of heart in the world.



Most religions focus on the individual and its spirituality. The Family Federation teaches a broader concept of spirituality, where your relationships to your loved ones are of decisive importance for your eternal life. As God is the source of love, marriages blessed by God and families full of true love are the very foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven that God longs for. It is a love kingdom, and the family is a school of love.


If there is love and peace in the home, there is hope that we may also create societies and nations with peace. The family is the fundamental social institution. If we can learn to love our fellow human beings on micro-level, in a family, we may also do so on macro-level, i.e. in the society around us and in the big world we live in. Well-functioning families are the very key to reducing crime, alcohol and drug abuse, the number of suicides and many other social problems.


We talk about unification on all levels, from the individual to the global level. God is the source of unity, evil the source of division. Therefore, the goal of the Family Federation is to remove the barriers and create a world of unity, a social unity, such as that between husband and wife, between parents and children, different social groups, nations and religions, but also unity between the inner world and the outer, between mind and body, spirit and matter, religion and science.

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