22nd Francophone Scriptural Sharing

Sunday, February 19, 2023, from 5 to 6:30 pm

The interfaith circle “Dialogue & Alliance” organized its monthly meeting on the theme: “Cultivating hospitality.”

We received more than 150 requests for participation from Zoom from 22 countries. Several people met face-to-face in Paris, Loos in France, and Kinshasa (DRC).

The moderator was Mrs. Soraya AYOUCH, a member of the sponsoring committee of “Dialogue & Alliance.”

To comment on the passage of Genesis 18.1-8, Mrs. Maria-Antonietta MOLLICA, from the Swiss Society for Spiritual Assistance, presented a complete text prepared by Rabbi Don Aristide DE-CARLI.

We had a “cultural break,” watching a short excerpt from the 1982 film “Les Misérables” by Victor HUGO, where Bishop MYRIEL takes in the former convict Jean VALJEAN. When VALJEAN strips him of his silverware and is recaptured by the forces of order, the prelate claims it was a gift, thus safeguarding the former convict’s newfound freedom.

Monsignor Jacques GAILLOT, Catholic bishop of Partenia, then commented on the passage of Luke 24.28-35 (the pilgrims of Emmaus) by sharing some personal experiences in Normandy and Algeria.

Finally, Dr. Mohamed Larbi HAOUAT, president of ASILEC (Association of Solidarity for Integration through Languages, Education, and Culture), Doctor of State, Strategic Studies of International Relations, Arab-Muslim World, presented a Muslim point of view, based on verse 9 of Sura LIX of the Koran.

The meeting concluded with a question-and-answer session moderated by Mr. Laurent LADOUCE.

The recording of this program is available on the UPF-France YouTube channel: 


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