31st French-speaking Scriptural Reasoning

Paris, France, November 19, 2023

The Dialogue & Alliance interfaith circle held its monthly meeting, this time on the theme: “Cultivating Hope“.


The central face-to-face meeting was held at the Espace Barrault in Paris, with Zoom connections from several countries, including Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Canada, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Haiti, India, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, United States, etc.


Mr. Dorian GRAVRAND moderated the meeting.


The first reading, Exodus 2.1-10, brought a Judeo-Christian perspective; Mr. Modeste AMOUSSOU gave it, then commented on by Mr. Jean-André GALEYRAND, PhD, vice-president of the Cercle de Reflexion des Nations (CRN).


A short cultural break followed this: the interpretation of Charles PEGUY’s famous poem, “L’Espérance,” by actress Marina CRISTALLE.


The second reading brought a Christian perspective. It was Romans 8.22-25, read by Mr. Patrick JOUAN, vice-president of UPF in France, then commented on by Monsignor NICOLAS, Orthodox Patriarch of the Nations, Paris, who is developing activities in 93 countries.


The third reading brought a Muslim perspective. Verses 23 to 33 of the 19th Sura of the Koran (Mary) were chanted by the famous Iranian reciter, Shahriar PARHIZGAR, then commented on by Ms Soraya AYOUCH, clinical psychologist, assistant professor Paris VII, member of the Al Moultaqa Foundation, Tarika Kadiria Boutchichya.


The meeting concluded with a question-and-answer session moderated by Dr. Laurent LADOUCE, a researcher with the Federation for Peace, and some remarks by Mr. Jean-François MOULINET, coordinator of the Dialogue & Alliance circle, who announced that the next meeting would take place on Sunday, December 17 on the theme: “Cultivating good Stewardship.”



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