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Saranghae by Family Federation members of Europe and Middle East

A Korean song named “Saranghae,” meaning “Love You” reflects much of the relationship between the members of the Family Federation with Heavenly Parent, FFWPU founders, …

Weekly Flashback – Middle East Peace Initiative 2006

One of many initiatives that Father and Mother Moon, founders of hundreds of organizations, strongly supported was the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI). By bringing …

Weekly Flashback – Mother Moon in Milan

On November 18, 1992, Mother Moon traveled to Milan, Italy, and gave a speech in front of thousands of participants.

Weekly Flashback – Mother Moon in Moscow

On November 21, 1993, Mother Moon visited Moscow, Russia. Thousands of participants welcomed her during her main speech.

Weekly Flashback – Oslo, Norway, May 2, 2011

Father and Mother Moon visited Oslo, Norway on May 2nd 2011. They gave a speech in front of hundreds of participants.

Weekly Flashback – True Parents in Europe and Middle East, 1993

Mother Moon visited Vienna, Austria, in 1993.

The Middle East Peace Initiative, 2003 – 2013

Weekly Flashback – True Parents in Europe and the Middle East. This week’s focus, the Middle East

Youth Performance during Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

A Captivating Performance by our Youth Pilgrimage Participants!  As the Youth Pilgrimage 2023 to South Korea comes to an end, we are beyond proud to …

Join EMPOWER 2023-24

EMPOWER is a gap year program for young Unificationists (aged 18-35) to experience spiritual growth, develop their character, and become closer to our Heavenly Parent …

15-days summer workshop in Albania

The Family Federation in Albania organized a 15-day seminar for young people filled with information, inspiration, teamwork, music, camping, adventure, family environment, and many unforgettable …