Conference to Commemorate World Interfaith Harmony Week – How can religions create an environment to foster spiritual development?

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, February 4, 2023

The three speakers addressed what kind of spiritual environment best promotes human development in different ways.

Dr. Abdulcabbar Boran, founder of the MIHR Foundation in Germany based on Islamic mysticism, emphasized that we can experience love and happiness through the three Holy Books – Torah, Bible, and Koran. To do this, we must pass through four submissions (the physical body, spirit, soul, and free will) and seven stages of maturity to perfection. This begins, stands, and falls with the desire to reach God.

Claus Dubisz, representing the Frankfurt branch of the Universal Peace Federation, named three areas that can assist our spiritual growth: the wonder of God’s creation in nature, conscious spiritual nourishment through love, truth, good vitality elements, and an uplifting environment created by music, art, meditation, and prayer; and places or buildings where we can feel the Creator in all His greatness and love.

Michaela Gross, president of the Church of Scientology, Frankfurt, stressed that although relationships with those around us influence our mood, we decide how we perceive our environment.

In the concluding discussion, numerous questions from the participants brought out other elements that can influence our spiritual well-being.


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