EMPOWER Info Session – Learn More About This New Program!

EMPOWER is open for registration! If you’re curious about the program, activities, and what you can gain from this unique experience, join us on Monday, August 7th, at 4 pm (5 pm CET) for our info session!

Monday, August 6, 2023, 04:00 pm UK Time – Click here to join the session!

EMPOWER is a gap year program for young Unificationists (aged 18-35) to experience spiritual growth, develop their character, and become closer to our Heavenly Parent by connecting with God’s parental heart through fundraising, witnessing, and other activities. Through studying and teaching the Divine Principle, EMPOWER participants will learn and experience the Divine Principle in their daily lives and become supportive pillars for their communities.


The name ‘EMPOWER’ comes from our desire to create an environment where participants are:

  • Empowered to find and live their life of faith,
  • Empowered to have strong and mature character,
  • Empowered to grow their hearts and love towards God, True Parents, and others.
  • Empowered to become active in their communities.

We find purpose when we go to places in need and serve people there. Spirit and Truth are key to developing our relationship with the living God, and a living relationship with our Heavenly Parent is the only reliable foundation for a meaningful and happy life.

While shorter Workshops give us a taste of these, a longer mission experience allows us to tap more deeply into the Divine Principle and the spirit of Hyo Jeong (the filial heart that is the source of true confidence, creativity, and self-realisation). By serving others, studying and teaching the Divine Principle you will testify to and witness its life-transforming power. EMPOWER will help you to find your own relationship with God, True Parents, the Divine Principle, your calling in life, and become a supportive pillar for your community.


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