Europe In Bloom! – Pentecost With True Mother

This past weekend, our Mother Moon celebrated Pentecost with members from across the Europe and Middle East region, as well as other parts of the world. Read below about how it went from our Regional Director Dr. Balcomb.

European Christians have been observing Pentecost for almost 2000 years, but future historians may well decide that 2024 will always be remembered as the most important festival. That was the day when our True Mother, God’s beloved and only begotten daughter came to Munich, Germany to celebrate with us the coming of the Holy Spirit and the gospel of the coming of True Parents. She spoke to an overflow crowd of more than 2500 in person at the famous Munich Showpalast and to more than 18000 more watching online from throughout Europe and the world.

The Bloom festival took place over two days, and was designed by our young organizers to be a celebration of worship, praise and prayer with a family festival suitable for all ages. The Showpalast grounds were transformed with many activities for children, including a magician, bouncy castle, pony rides and the truly unique “giant horse” that kept our energetic youngsters busy for hours. For the older youth, there was a Divine Principle competition, a UPF gathering, and lots and lots of food, refreshments, and an opportunity to connect with old and new friends.

On the Saturday evening, we held a magnificent devotional prayer and praise session, featuring the powerful (and newly created) worship band “Near Revival” with musicians and vocalists from the UK, Italy and Germany. They performed various Hillsong and gospel standards including Hosanna and Oceans, along with many other contemporary gospels songs and some upbeat versions of our Holy Songs. In Pyo Moon brought the spirit of the Cheonshimwon Vigil prayer and by the end, there were few dry eyes in the house.

Then on Sunday the doors opened early and a full house assembled to hear True Mother deliver her Pentecost message. “When we look at the current state of the world, there seems to be no beacon of hope shining for peace today or in the future,” she said, “but we must remember that God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent, is eternal, the first and the last. Therefore, we can be sure that God will never abandon humanity. His goal and dream at the time of creation will absolutely be fulfilled in these last days.”


Lead organizer of the event, EUME Vice President Bogdan P., said the event was an outstanding success. “The fact that we had a team of over 150 young volunteers taking complete ownership of this event was already a success,” he said, “and True Mother provided the perfect inspiration.” What the world needs now more than ever is God’s motherly, embracing love. True Mother gave us a glimpse of how the world will be once we reconnect to our origin, the Heavenly Parent.” Bogdan’s 7 year old son had a vivid dream after singing for True Mother at the festival, saying “I dreamed I was invited to Wang Omma’s birthday party and I took her an owl made out of Lego, and she really liked it!”

Matthew and Natasha H., Vice President Couple for the North SubRegion, brought all eight of their children to the festival, making the 1200km drive from London into a family pilgrimage. “It was the first time for most of our children to see True Mother in person and they were excited and deeply moved,” he said. “True Mother looked beautiful and serene, but we could see there was a pillar of fire and strength shining out of her eyes. We were filled with New Hope.”

The Pentecost festival marked the end of a busy week in Munich. True Mother had several meetings with European leaders, together with our International President Yeon Cheon Song, and she had a lot to say about the need to bring truly substantial results as our offering to Heavenly Parent at the time of the Cheonwongung dedication next year. “You have to get serious about national restoration,” she said. “Have faith that God has prepared the righteous people who can make that a reality and do not hesitate or hold back from sharing the truth about Jesus, True Parents and our Heavenly Parent!

Michael Balcomb
Michael and Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President of FFWPU in Europe and the Middle East

A short recap video of Bloom! Pentecost with True Mother – filmed & edited by the Bloom! Media Team

Read a testimony from our Children’s Ministry Officer, Ala Z. here-

‘It was miraculous event for me to be able to go Munich to meet True Mother with my second daughter Diana along with many of my brothers and sisters. We were excited to witness that all of our concerns about the trip were solved and arranged in the best possible way. 

I was involved in the preparation of the programme for the young families and their children on both days of the Bloom event. As soon as we arrived at the ShowPalast grounds I was deeply impressed by the scale of the organisation and the preparation of this historical event. The volunteers were prepared to serve to all of our needs and to answer to all of our questions and concerns. 

The ShowPalast grounds had everything to ensure that the families with children of all ages will be happy and entertained beginning with the sand pit next to the entrance, a massive wooden horse with a climbing area inside it and a slide, a barn with a table tennis and a screen for the computer games,  2 bouncy castles for different age groups, and tents with craft activities and face painting for younger children. On top of that there was a Children’s Art Exhibition displaying amazing and moving children’s artworks on the theme “Heavenly Mother”. Our very own Huish family initiated to kindly serve children with the freshly made popcorn. Children were treated to the magic show on Saturday afternoon and a pony ride on Sunday afternoon.    

I was part of the volunteer team responsible for children from 4 to 6 years old. We had a tent with the age appropriate wooden tables with benches and handmade stage dedicated to the puppet show. I brought with me 3 puppets from home, prepared a story called The Big Idea of Peace and presented it with two other sisters. I think it was enjoyed by all who had a chance to watch it. I can’t be sure as I was behind the curtain with the puppet Woolfie. Woolfie learned a lot about how to put the Big Idea of Peace into practice, but first he discovered the this Big Idea was not about the piece of pizza, or piece of pie, or even a piece of puzzle, but about the World Peace. Silly Woolfie is still learning :).  

Overall this event was such a leap of faith and devotion from the last one in Vienna in 2018. I am proud to say that the our UK community was hugely involved in all parts of the Bloom event. The Worship Concert on Sunday was such a moving experience to most if not all of us and I am sure the children’s song and the story of the little flower moved True Mother’s heart as well. She cared for us all like her own children by providing a yummy lunch after the event. 

I am deeply grateful to Heavenly Parent, True Parents and all the organisers and volunteers for such an extraordinary  experience. Personally it felt like a Heavenly Mother’s loving embrace for all young and old, but especially for children and their families. Last weekend at the ShowPalast showed us that the Heaven is real and near. I am hopeful that with such efforts we surely be there with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in our lifetime.’


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