HARP Spring Workshop “My Principles – Reconnecting”

Spain, March 27 – 30, 2021

This year the spring workshop was organized online through zoom. In total there were four sessions spread over four different days and the program consisted of talks/testimonies, colloquia, and group games.

Despite the limitations, it was a very dynamic course with very good content. The speakers were Armando, with his lectures entitled “The twelve pillars of the thought of the True Parents”; David Piqué, who spoke on the subject of faith; Maryvonne, who spoke to us about the providence of Cheongpeyeong and the current True Mother course; and on the last day Sebastián and Segundo gave us testimonies about the early days of the church in Spain.

All the talks were recorded and can be viewed again.

Every day there were about 20 connections. We are very happy to see our brothers and sisters even though the screen and to have been able to share this time with them.

We hope it was an opportunity for reflection and personal inspiration and at the same time a time to enjoy as a family.


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