High Noon Gives Youth Tools To Build A Future That Aligns With Their Ideals

Over the weekend, youth and young adults from around the United Kingdom participated in a High Noon workshop which provided attendees with the tools to build a future that aligns with their ideals.


Attendees were encouraged to arrive on Friday night at Livingstone House to catch up with friends, grab a tea or coffee, and rest well for a bright start early the following day.

The workshop featured various talks and testimonies from the High Noon staff on topics such as “Culture Creation,” “The Nature of Addiction,” and “Faith & Sexuality.”

A theme of the workshop was the importance of culture and community, evidenced by attendees being placed around small tables in groups of four or five for the duration of the workshop.

The lectures were regularly interspersed with discussions within these small groups, where an insightful question would be posed, allowing for open sharing between attendees.

This highlighted how valuable a community can be as it allows for the sharing of ideas, for people to be held accountable, and for the growth of a supportive environment.

A question-and-answer session was held before dinner, which allowed the High Noon staff to share their expertise on the topics brought up during the workshop.

The Saturday concluded with attendees sharing in their groups what part/s of themselves they want to let go of and their proudest achievements.

The following Sunday morning, attendees were introduced to the North Star goal, a realistic short-term goal that can be strived towards to better oneself. Attendees had time to plan and set this North Star before sharing it within their group.

The atmosphere was high, the attendees friendly, and the staff supportive. The workshop felt like it had lasted a week, not a weekend, but that goes to show the depth and meaning of the content and discussions that took place.

Those who attended the workshop were gifted with a copy of the book “Core of the Universe,” which includes Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s and Dr. Hak Ja Han’s words on the themes of love, sex, and intimacy.

A special thank you goes out to all the staff who made this workshop possible, from the High Noon team to those in the United Kingdom sorting out the practicalities of running the workshop. Thank you!

High Noon has a range of resources and programs available for those wishing to make a positive change in their lives.

Additional resources:

Ascend: This small group program helps you quit porn and masturbation. Get more info at highnoon.org/ascend

Known: A place to discuss sexuality as a single person. Where do our concepts about sex come from? What concerns do we have? What should we expect, and how can we prepare for our future sexual relationship? Highnoon.org/known

Core of the Universe: Compilation of True Parents’ teachings on sex. Available on Amazon.

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