Nordic Seminar on the Principles of Peace

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 25, 2023

The seminar was attended by 17 Ambassadors for Peace, religious leaders, politicians, academicians, artists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, NGO’s and UPF members, total 50 participants.

In his welcome remarks UPF secretary general in Denmark, Karsten Nielsen, said; “We are here to learn something new and gain hope of creating a new culture of peace through the Unification Principles, these principles are an expression of God’s deepest love and it is a dream we know can be realized.”

After an introductory video about UPF, three sessions of each one hour followed with the titles:

* Universal values as a foundation for peace

* The root causes of conflict

* Bringing peace and reconciliation

Dr. David Hanna presented the lectures with touching and very fitting PowerPoint slides. He said: “the Unification principles is A New Expression of Religious Truth for Our Age, which opens the way for a harmonised view of religion and science, identifies universal values present in major world faiths, reveals God as a God of Heart and identifies clearly the importance of human responsibility, and provides understanding for tackling real problems.

He quoted the UPF founder, Dr. Moon, saying: “We are born for the sake of love, live for the sake of love, and finally die for the sake of love… Not only people, but all beings desire true love. This is why human beings, as the highest beings in creation, should embrace and love the masterpieces of God’s creation, and teach creation how to love. All creation is longing to receive and experience God’s love through men and women who have become one with God at the pinnacle of true love. It is a shame that we have not realized this degree of love.”

In the fourth session “The UPF contribution” Dr. Hanna introduced the innovation work and projects of UPF in creating a new culture of peace and how to put the principles into practice. He finished by again quoting Dr. Moon: “Humanity is traveling down a dead-end street. The only way to survive is to practice the peace philosophy of true love, true life and true lineage, that I am teaching…. Soon the countries and peoples that appear strong and mighty will change course and shift in this direction … “

Two new Ambassadors for Peace were introduced and received their certificates, pastor of the National Church of Denmark, Ellen Margrethe Gylling and poet and writer Sadaf Mirza.

Ambassador for Peace Metta Ai Kim Carter rounded off the day with two beautiful songs and everybody stood up, joined hands and sang along.


Everyone was moved, gave positive feedback and was very appreciative of this new initiative in the Nordic region.



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