Schedule of Events Celebrating True Parents’ Birthday and the 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Fumiko and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! The year of the White Metal Ox according to the lunar calendar begins this Friday, February 12th. Please be reminded that this year we will offer Heavenly Parents Day together with True Parents Holy Wedding Anniversary on April 27th.

Before that, True Parents’ birthday celebrations for 2021 will be observed together with the upcoming Foundation Day holiday on Wednesday, February 24th at 0930AM Korea time. The online program will begin at 0130CET here in Europe, and we are all invited, so please plan on staying up late or getting up early. Come dressed in your best, ready to wish True Parents many happy returns! Please don’t forget that we have a tradition of offering a birthday gift, and donations can be made through your local community or online here.

True Father was born on January 6th, 1920 on the lunar calendar, so he would have been 101 this year. And True Mother was on the same date by the lunar calendar, January 6th 1943. There are many stories and photos of their remarkable lives together at our Centenary website,

Foundation Day, which marks the official declaration of the opening of the Heavenly Parent’s kingdom of peace, was first celebrated on January 13th 2013, so this is the 8th anniversary.

Here’s a brief video announcement from our Regional President, Dr. Michael Balcomb:


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East


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