Universal Peace Federation and the Commission of Academicians for Peace, branch Albania, on Saturday, April 15, 2023, organized the second international conference on the theme “Family, Society, and Universal Values” in the new premises of the “Embassy of Peace” in Tirana.

Researchers from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia, and France participated in the conference with their contributions. Over 60 participants, dignitaries, researchers from various fields, Ambassadors for Peace, and young people became part of the round table to discuss the problems the family faces today as well as the potential it contains. Also, about 40 other participants joined the conference through the Zoom platform.

The conference was honored by the participation of the President of the Republic of Kosovo (2006-2010), H.E. Fatmir Sejdiu, who delivered the welcoming speech.

The first session on “Renewal of the family system in a world that needs renewal” was moderated by Dr. Saemira Pino Gjipali, former deputy Minister of Education and Chair of the Committee of Academicians for Peace, UPF Albania. Three well-known researchers from Serbia, France, and Albania spoke about important aspects of family functioning:

“Comparative view on the common features and distinguishing features of the Balkan family and the Western family” by Dr. Ljiljana Skrobić, professor at the University of Nis, Serbia;

“Understanding the family as a school of love and ethics. Can and how to overcome the difficulties in the functioning of the family” by Mr. Jacques Marion, Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East;

“Divorce-a social phenomenon, more positive or more negative? Legislation and the consequences of divorce in the family and society” by Av. Vjollca Meçaj, Honorary Chair of the Helsinki Committee, Albania.

In the second session on “Understanding values in family and society,” which was moderated by Mr. Gani Rroshi, General Secretary of the Universal Peace Federation – Albania, three other speeches were given by distinguished professors:

“Parent-child relationships, between love and conflict. Changes in time and space” by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Berisha, professor of Sociology at the University of Pristina, Kosovo;

“Cohabitation as an alternative or prelude to marriage? The Balkans and the West” by Prof. Dr. Svetlana Trbojevik, professor at “Saint Cyril and Methodius” University, North Macedonia;

“Family values and the process of selection and transmission from one generation to another. Models and Alternatives” by Prof. Dr. Lekë Sokoli, Director of the Institute of Sociology, Albania

A valuable contribution was also given by the participants through their discussions, such as Prof. Dr. Perparim Kabo, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Nora Malaj, researcher Gëzim Tushi, Prof. Afet Mamuti, etc.

At the end of the conference, four personalities from the social sciences were honored with the title “Ambassador for Peace” for their contribution as academics and social activists, namely Dr. Svetlana Trbojevik from North Macedonia, Av. Vjollca Meçaj, Prof. Dr. Lekë Sokoli and Mr. Gezim Tushi.

Expressing our gratitude for everyone’s contribution to this important conference, we invite you to see some photos from this event.


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