UPF-Albania Invites VIPs to Book Launch

Tirana, Albania—The former president of Albania attended an event celebrating the publication of a book co-written by the UPF-Albania secretary general.

H.E. Alfred Moisiu, who was the president from 2002 to 2007 and is currently the chairman of Family Federation’s partner organization, Universal Peace Federation’s Supreme Peace Council for the Balkans, honored the event with his presence and also offered words of greeting.

Approximately 120 guests—including current and former parliamentarians, academicians, prominent representatives of the media and civil society, and many Ambassadors for Peace—attended the celebration at the UPF Peace Embassy on February 25, 2022.

The Families of the XXI Century and Universal Values was written by educator Dr. Saemira Pino, chair of IAAP committee in Albania, together with Gani Rroshi, the secretary general of UPF for Albania as well as for the Balkan region.

The book explains in depth the current situation of the family and promotes the values of ideal families, based on UPF’s Principles of Peace.

The Tirana Peace Council organized the event in cooperation with the Albanian chapter of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), an organization that is affiliated with UPF.

Manjola Vasmatics, the president of FFWPU-Albania, was the moderator of the event.

Defrim Methasani, the chairman of the Tirana Peace Council, who made the most effort in organizing the event, delivered the welcoming speech.

Gaqo Apostoli, the coordinator of Albanian Peace Councils in the diaspora, and Dr. Migena Kapllanaj, a lecturer at Marin Barleti University, offered their impressions of the book.

After the launch of the book and special messages from some of the present, eight personalities were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace:

  • Professor Dr. Selami Xhepa, the president of the European University of Tirana;
  • Bahri Cani, the Albanian voice of Deutsche Welle;
  • Artur Bejzade, a screenwriter, journalist and director;
  • Mujë Buçpapaj, a researcher and publisher;
  • Ola Bruko, a journalist and moderator of News 24;
  • Enton Abilekaj, an analyst and director in several media;
  • Halil Rama “Grand Master,” a journalist and writer;
  • Mehmet Krasniqi, a businessman and philanthropist.


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