Youth Performance during Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

A Captivating Performance by our Youth Pilgrimage Participants!  As the Youth Pilgrimage 2023 to South Korea comes to …

Join EMPOWER 2023-24

EMPOWER is a gap year program for young Unificationists (aged 18-35) to experience spiritual growth, develop their character, …

15-days summer workshop in Albania

The Family Federation in Albania organized a 15-day seminar for young people filled with information, inspiration, teamwork, music, …

1 year since Berlin Peace Road 2022

Address of Dr Hak Ja Han Moon at the Opening Ceremony of ILC Cambodia 2023

Summit 2023 – Opening Banquet

Opening of True Parents’ Life Achievements Exhibition

Inviting Marriage Blessing Participants to Albania!

The Peace Embassy in Tirana, Albania, will host the upcoming 2023 Blessing Ceremony for those attending from Europe. …

We Are All One Family A Hymn celebrating Cheonwongung, the Dwelling Place of the Heavenly Parent, where all nations, cultures, and religions …

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