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There are many benefits of joining the Family Federation.

First, you may become a better person. You learn to respect yourself and realize your potential. You gain a better self-understanding. You get a 100 percent positive goal in your life.

Second, you will learn how to develop better and more meaningful relationships with friends, your loved ones and your fellow human beings in general.

Third, you learn to deeply respect your surroundings and to treat everything and everyone with the respect they deserve. God loves all creation and all people. Step by step you learn to familiarize yourself with God’s feelings toward the created things and your fellow human beings.


To share God’s love in every relationship


To serve people and expand the realm of God’s love by sharing truth, beauty and goodness.


Community – You will be part of an amazing community who will be there to always support you as well as embrace your given support. You will create life-long relationships that will transform your life. 

Growth – Loving and serving others will result in your own growth – spiritualy, mentaly and professionally. When the world is taught to practice service to others, peace and harmony can quickly be realized.

Learning – You will be learning the core teachings of Family Federation, The Divine Principle. You will have the chance to take part on special trainings designed for staff. Learnin and practicing will give you a variety of skills and experiences valuable for your every day life. 

Please let us know if you would like to help out as a volunteer at one of our events! We offer you a really rewarding time and a good atmosphere and the chance to meet other hopeful persons with the dream of creating a better world. Such a world does not come about by itself. Here you get the chance to contribute with your time and energy to do something that benefits others and our fellow human beings, something that helps to build the world we all dream of, a better future for everyone. We are sure you will love to get the taste of it!   

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